HCG's new Pulse Rifles now up for Pre-Order

HCG Pulse Rifle

Ahhhh, the Pulse Rifle. It's been firm favourite movie weapon for many a Sci-Fi movie fan since the Eighties classic: Aliens.

Hollywood Collectibles Group released an exceptionally detailed Pulse rifle some years ago with a metal shroud. It's so cool, we have one on display which we really need to get around to video reviewing!

In the movie there were a few hero rifles which were metal and featured real gun parts from a Thompson machine gun and a SPA Shot gun. But due to the cost and weight of these, they were only used in certain shots. For the rest, lighter versions were made where moving parts weren't really required and it's this style HCG are now releasing. Whilst these still look great, they are resin rather than metal and feature no moving parts. But they still look the business as you can see. The upside is they are considerably cheaper than the original largely metal version they produced. This new flavour comes in two versions, either clean or weathered.

You can pre-order these here:

Clean Pulse Rifle

Weathered Pulse Rifle


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