How To Sell Used Collectible Items

Display space in our homes is only so big, so it's inevitable that at some point you're gonna want to make room for the latest and greatest action figure, statue or prop replica.

When you come to selling you have a few choices:

Find a friend who wants to buy.

This is great if they'll pay what you're after. And if you ever want to see the item again, you can hopefully go round their house to check it out.


This is the usual solution, however Ebay's ranking systems tend to favour the more frequent sellers with big feedback. Our advice here is to take your time selling your item. First off try a buy it now at the price you would like. But check out a search for the item from others first. Is your price realistic? If it doesn't sell at the price you want, you could try buy it now or best offer where bidders can put in an offer. We suggest you only put this up if the first method doesn't sell. The final and most risky method is auction. You can stick a reserve on which will protect your item from selling for a tiny price, but it does discourage bidding. We only recommend no reserve if you're desperate to clear the item at any price or you know that item is in demand and will gain lots of bids. For example a rare Hot Toys figure like Hot Toys Joker DX11 should be a fairly safe bet to get a reasonable price at auction if it didn't sell on buy it now.

Find a reseller like us

We recently opened a used items section. Partly to clear rotations of our own display and shift returns or to sell items from other customers. We've had the occasional customer looking to trade in an item to part fund a new item. Of course, we need to make some money on the item so you won't get as much as you might on Ebay, but on the plus it's simpler to sell and you don't need any Ebay feedback to sell to us. If you're interested in this, send us an email.


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