Top Ten Hot Toys Action Figures Of All Time

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 If ever a post is likely to cause comments amongst Hot Toys collectors, it's this one:

"What are the top ten Hot Toys action figures of all time?"

Of course, every Hot Toys collector has an opinion and no two are alike. But here's our crack at this one:

Hot Toys Aliens Ripley with Powerloader

10. Hot Toys Aliens Ripley With Power Loader

This is an older figure and vehicle produced by Hot Toys in 2007. It goes in the list because there is simply nothing else like this. The detail on the Power Loader is simply fantastic. It looks just like the one in the movie and it's clear that a lot of time and love went into producing this model. On the downside, Ripley doesn't look quite so great. Early Hot Toys action figures lacked the photorealistic head sculpts and in this case Ripley doesn't quite look like her movie counterpart. But when she's strapped into the Power Loader, her face isn't really the main focal point. 


9. Hot Toys Robocop MMS202

There have been many figures that attempt to capture the look of this Eighties movie icon. Hot toys have produced an excellent likeness to him. The armour moulding is sharp and defined. Face sculpt looks spot on. You can have his leg holster displayed open. Heck there's even a remote control which, when pressed makes him say quotes from the movie! 


Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 42

8. Hot Toys Iron Man Mark 42 MMS197D02

Hot Toys are pretty obsessed with Iron Man. To be fair, aren't we all? Out of the many various models they've produced, we like the Mark 42 the best. It comes with a range of alternate armour options (battle damaged or clean) and you can have the helmet open or closed. Best of all are the LED lights for the eyes, palms and chest. 


Hot Toys Selena Kyle Catwoman

7. Hot Toys Selena Kyle MMS197D02

Selena makes it into the list for a few reasons. First off, she looks gorgeous! The face sculpt on this character looks just like Anne Hathaway's Catwoman. This figure also uses false hair for the hairstyle instead of the plastic versions. It works pretty well. Despite limited movement caused by the long boots and high heels, you can get some beautiful natural poses with this action figure.


Hot Toys Wolverine

6. Hot Toys Wolverine Origins MMS103 

Wolverine is one of the best loved Super Heroes and Hugh Jackman has done a great job bringing him to the big screen. This action figure makes the grade for having a great head sculpt back in a time when Hot Toys were really just starting to up the realism. The jacket deserves special mention for being beautifully crafted and the little metal claws look great!


 Hot Toys Star Wars Han Solo

5. Hot Toys Star Wars Han Solo MMS261

Hot Toys have been churning out the Star Wars characters recently. But Han Solo makes the grade for one simple reason: It's an action figure that actually looks like Harrison Ford! There have been so many attempts at Indiana Jones and Han Solo but it's only been recently that technology seems to have been able to capture Harrison Ford's look in 1/6 scale. Of course, as expected with Hot Toys, the rest of the figure is spot on. Excellent recreation of Han's uniform and his trusty blaster.


Hot Toys Leonidas

4. Hot Toys 300 King Leonidas MMS114

For a lot of people this action figure is number one on their list because he's so damn hard to find! He'll cost you best part of £400 to acquire now which is well over double his original price. Of course he looks great too. This figure features a spot on accurate facial sculpt and superbly moulded body that has been covered in a rubber type skin to hide all the joints.


Hot Toys Batman QS

3. Hot Toys 1/4 Scale Dark Knight QS001

Just like Iron Man, no Hot Toys collection is complete without Batman. This figure was the first to move away from 1/6 and jump up to 1/4 scale. Although Hot Toys have only produced a few figures in this larger format, the extra scale allows for far more detail on the figure. Whilst the 1/6 version is superb, we've gone with this Dark Knight because the larger sizes really lets you appreciate the detail on Batman's armour and weapons. The facial sculpt both masked and unmasked is simply stunning.


 Hot Toys Doker DX11

2. Hot Toys Joker 2.0 DX11

Yes, we know this is the third figure to make it in the top ten from the Dark Knight. Is it our fault they are that good? The Joker 2.0 is a lot of people's favourite figure. Part of Hot Toys' deluxe range, this set comes beautifully presented in a purple box. You get loads of weapons, a chair and background to set up the interview room where Batman interrogates the Joker. The facial sculpt is amazing. You also get a laughing alternate head sculpt. The clothing is done exquisitely, not just the larger items like the coat, but the shoes are so finely detailed you wonder how they produced them. This box set will cost you around £350 to £400 used. And it's worth every penny.


Hot Toys Jack Sparrow DX06

1. Hot Toys Jack Sparrow DX06

Johnny Depp's infamous pirate made the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies worth watching from start to finish. This special deluxe version comes complete with his ship's wheel and a simulated ship's deck base on which to display it on. This figure takes the top spot for two main reasons. Firstly the clothing and accessories are so unlike any other figure that they must have taken a huge amount of time to create. And secondly, Hot Toys have succeeded in creating a Jack Sparrow that you can pose in a variety of humorous ways that perfectly mimic the various ones you see in the movies.

In Closing...

So there you have it. This is our top 10 as of the date of posting. No doubt you have others. If so, by all means share them in the comments. But remember, it's just our opinion and not the world's! There are hundreds of Hot Toys action figures and producing a list of the best 10 was no easy task. But hopefully we got at least a few you agree with. Hope you found it useful! If you like collecting Hot Toys figures, be sure to check our range of Hot Toys action figures for sale here!

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