Which Back To The Future DeLorean model should you buy?

which back to the future delorean model should you buy?

Great Scott! It's the future! Yes, today is the date that Marty and Doc punched into the DeLorean time machine and went to the future: October 21st, 2015.

To celebrate the day we thought we'd consider a popular question:

Which Back To The Future DeLorean model should you buy?

It's the 'you' part of that question that's important. Naturally, the best is usually the most expensive. But 'you' needs to take into account your budget, your display space and whether you want to play with it or just look at it. Given we sell a range of the models, we should be in a good position to answer this question.

Delorean Model Brand Choices

DeLorean scale model brand choices

There are four major brands that cover the Back To The Future Cars: Diamond Select Toys, Mattel Hot Wheels, Sun Star Toys and the soon to be released version upcoming Hot Toys. Whilst each brand offers DeLorean's that look much like their movie counterpart; size, detail and materials vary. The good news is all four brands produce great models. We'll take a look at these separately.

What size DeLorean?

What size DeLorean?

DeLoreans models can be purchased in 3 main scales:

  • 1:43 (about 3.5" long) is by Sun Star's Vitesse series.
  • 1:18 (about 10" long) scale is Sun Star.
  • 1:15 (about 11.5 long) is by Diamond Select
  • 1:6 (about 28" long) scale is by Hot Toys.

Naturally, scale is a major factor in your buying choice. Larger scale generally offers more detail, but requires more display space and costs more money.

One DeLorean or more?

Are you thinking why would I need more than one here? The reason is that the DeLorean time machine changed quite a bit in each of the three Back To The Future movies. Part 1 it just drove along. At the end of Part 1 and for Part 2 it flew. For Part 3 the wheels changed to fifties style in the first part and then it had train wheels for the end of the movie. The type of power also changed in each movie so gadgetry is different on each car. So an important consideration is whether you want to focus on just one car or more than one.

Diamond Select and Sun Star cover the DeLorean car designs from all three movies. So if you're after several cars rather than one, you can halve the brand choices right there. 

What is your DeLorean budget?

So you may want a DeLorean model, but how much do you wanna spend on one? This is fairly easy to split by scale:

1:43 models - around £35

1:15 models - around £50

1:18 models - £50 to £100

1:6 model - £650!

And of course your budget should debate whether you're gonna focus on one or several cars from the Back To The Future trilogy.

Sun Star Back ToThe Future Delorean

Sun Star Toy DeLoreans

Sun Star Toys offer a great range of Diecast metal DeLoreans in 1:43 and 1:18 scale. The company produces a huge range of cars, and you can expect high quality and good detail here.

The 1:43 scale DeLoreans cost around £35 each and are great if you are have limited display space or a small budget. Each car comes in an acrylic display case. Detail is impressive for such a small car (around 3.5" long). You can even open the gull wing doors! You can buy the car from each movie individually or in a 3 pack.

The 1:18 scale DeLoreans cost around £70 each. At around 10" long, these look far more impressive and have room for more detail. The cockpit features all of the time machine controls. The Outatime number plate looks spot on. Again, Sun Star offer models from each movie. Each comes in Back To The Future window box packaging with a plastic display base.

There isn't much to dislike about the Sun Star range. Value is good for the quality you get. The main thing they don't offer are lights and sounds. Each car clearly looks like its movie counterpart.

See our range of Sun Star DeLoreans here.

Diamond Select Back To The Future Delorean

Diamond Select Toy DeLoreans

Diamond Select's Back To The Future DeLoreans focus on 1:15 scale and they offer cars from each movie. They are made of plastic so the finish isn't quite as nice as a die-cast metal model but a major plus is Diamond have added lights and sounds! Price is cheaper than Sun Star at around £50 a car. However only the cars from Part 2 and 3 are currently in stock with us.

The detail on the Diamond Select cars are fine but not as good as what you see on a Sun Star car of the same scale. That said, the lights and sounds are a big draw and the lower price point make these cheaper to collect and you're more likely to play with these ones rather than just display. These are a good choice for kids above 10 or so.

See our range of Diamond Select DeLoreans here.

Mattel Hot Wheels Back To The Future DeLorean

Mattel Hot Wheels Toy DeLorean

Hot Wheels do an awesome, but rather expensive die-cast metal elite edition DeLorean in 1:18 scale.

Costing £159, it's a lot more expensive than Sun Star DeLoreans, but there is a lot of fine detail on this car that you won't find on a Sun Star one. More wires, more textures, more detail. It even includes a scale replica of the hover board Marty borrows from the little girl in the movie. It's based on the car that features Mr Fusion and you can even open that on the car.

Find out more about Hot Wheels Delorean

Hot Toys Back To The Future Delorean

Hot Toys DeLorean

We've saved the best to last. Not only is it the best, but it's the biggest. Hot Toys are the creator of the finest action figures in the world. Recently, they created the 1/6 scale Marty McFly action figure which can be displayed on his own or in this stunning looking DeLorean which is due to arrive in the UK in April 2016.

At 1/6 scale, this DeLorean model is massive. It's 28" long so you will need some serious display space. You'll also need some serious budget as it costs a whopping £649. However the detail is stunning and it has a variety of working lights and accessories. Will it be worth it? Probably! You can pre-order one for a deposit of £100 below and pay the rest when it comes into stock.

Find out more about Hot Toys Delorean

So Which Should You Buy?

That really depends on you! But in our opinion:

For Loads of display Space and budget: 

Hot Toys DeLorean - It's the ultimate!

Space for 1 car only any budget:

Hot Wheels Delorean - Excellent detail but at a premium price.

For any display space and modest budget:

Sun Star DeLorean range - nice quality with all models available in either 1:18 or 1:43 scale.

For larger display space and for fun on modest budget:

Diamond Select DeLorean range - the plastic offers a lower quality look, but the sounds and lights make up for it.

Still Not Sure?

Then take a look at the whole range for yourself here on our:

Back To The Future Product Page

Which is your Favourite DeLorean model?

Please comment below and let us know!


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