Movie Figures Is Now On Pinterest. Pin away please!

Movie Figures Is Now On Pinterest. Pin away please!

Movie Figures on PinterestIt's been on our to do list for quite a while, but finally we've sorted out Movie Figures on Pinterest!

If you're not sure what Pinterest is, it's a social media sharing site where you can pin images that highlight particular pages you've found of interest on the Internet. So, for example, you could create a board on action figures and then fill it with links to all your favourite figures. Pinterest also lets you search for favourite topics giving you a quick pictorial guide to website pages that may interest you.

We've created a bunch of boards showcasing the various brands we sell including Hot Toys, Sideshow Collectibles and more.

Also, on our product pages, the Pinterest logo has been added which makes it easy for you to pin your favourite products to show your fellow Pin pals:

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When you click on the share buttons, the page is nicely shared to your chosen social page. In the case of Pinterest, clicking on the button will allow you to pin the page to a board of your choice. Naturally we'd much appreciate you sharing our pages on your social channels. Many thanks if you can spare the time!

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