Movie Figures hits 1 million views on YouTube :)

Movie Figures hits one million views on YouTube

The Movie Figures YouTube Channel recently hit one million video views! Whilst we know some videos, go viral and one million is nothing special, specialist video reviews like we do aren't subject to viral viewing figures. But one million views show that they are worth us spending the time and effort doing them.

Our First Video Review

Our first video review went up on 5th March 2013 and was of a Sideshow Collectibles Alien Warrior statue. That's now long sold out. But if you're interested in the very first video review, here it is! Yeah, yeah, we know... dodgy review skills and unprofessional backdrop, but we were learning!


Since then, we've created over 170 video reviews covering items from leading manufacturers like Hot Toys, Sideshow Collectibles, Weta, Hasbro, Hollywood Collectibles Group and many more.

Our Most Popular Video

Our most popular video review to date is the one reviewing the Hasbro Obi-Wan Kenobi Force FX lightsaber which hashed over 300,000 views! Over the years, we've sold a lot of Hasbro's lightsabers, but Obi-Wan's was our favourite because it was comfortable to hold and had an awesome power-up noise. Here's the review:

Video reviews are of course very time-consuming to record, process and upload. We wish we had time to do more of them. We tend of focus on interesting pieces and some of the reviews will go incredibly in-depth. Whilst we mostly focus on the products we sell, we also give some informational videos such as display options for figures where we show items we don't sell, but recommend, like Ikea Detolf display cases which are great for display 1/6 scale action figures:

Specialist Reviews

Amusingly, the most time-consuming videos like reviews of action figures of Hot Toys have much lower view rates. These items of course have less mass appeal due to their high-price, but we still love to show them off. For example, here's our video review on the Han Solo and Chewbacca action figure set from Hot Toys:

Reviews Just For Interest

With the Force Awakens in the box office at present, millions of people are going Star Wars crazy. One of the things we like to do is to source unusual items to review purely for educational purposes. To Celebrate the new Star Wars movie, we recently acquired a long sold-out Master Replicas Han Solo DL-44 Blaster Elite Edition, which in our opinion is one of the finest movie prop replicas ever made. We got this in to display and also to show to you on YouTube:

Want To See More?

Well there's a little introduction to our YouTube Channel. If you've watched any of our videos, thank you for helping us hit that 1 million milestone! If you've not seen the channel you can visit it at The Movie Figures YouTube Channel. Remember to subscribe and then you'll be kept up to date with new movies as we add them!

If you want us to review a particular current line item, just let us know what and we'll do our best to get round it it.

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