Movie Figures Now Selling Threezero Action Figures

Movie Figures Now Selling Threezero Action Figures

Threezero Walter White Action Figure

Threezero has been around for quite a few years, but in recent times they've produced some excellent 1/6 scale action figures and more are in the works. As a result, we're delighted to add them to our range of products sold at Movie Figures.

Threezero's current range of products includes ones from various film and  TV titles including Walter White from Breaking Bad, Eddard Stark from Game of Thrones and various Robocop figures from the Robocop remake movie. 

Similar to other premium 1/6 scale figure manufacturers like Hot Toys, Threezero offers exceptionally realistic action figures that look just like their movie and tv counterparts. As to be expected, the figures are well articulated and come with a range of accessories allowing the buyer to pose them in a variety of ways.

Threezero Rick Grimes Action Figure

Threezero's Rick Gimes Action Figure

Threezero have a bunch of figures coming up including Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. The company have perfectly captured Rick's somewhat worn and stressed look from the acclaimed TV series, carefully adding dirt, grime and cuts to create a figure that looks just like the TV counterpart. He comes complete with a great looking faux leather jacket and his trusty Colt python gun and a vicious looking machete.

Threezero's Michelangelo action figure

Threezero's Michelangelo Action Figure

Another great licence that Threezero has acquired is that of the Turtles from the most recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Whilst the movie itself was nothing special, the turtle design was excellent. All four turtles are being made in 1/6 scale and look outstanding. Whilst Michelangelo is a favourite for many, you can of course also get Donatello, Leonardo and Raphael. We expect these to be appear in the UK in April 2016. You can pre-order yours on the links above if you wish.

Threezero The Matrix APU

Threezero's The Matrix APU Action Figure

Particularly exciting with upcoming Threezero figures is the company is making a figure from The Matrix movies. A 1/12 scale APU. Whilst this is undoubtably an impressive looking figure with an insane amount of detail, what excites us at Movie Figures is that perhaps we'll finally see a major 1/6 scale manufacturer produce some high-end figures of the much loved characters of The Matrix such as Neo, Morpheus and Trinity. Whilst there is no news on any of those figures, we remain hopeful, given Threezero seem to have some licence agreement for The Matrix. 

Find out more about Threezero here.


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