Dragon Models Now Stocked At Movie Figures

Dragon Models Now Stocked At Movie Figures

Dragon Models Hulk

Dragon Models have been around for a good number of years, offering a range of unpainted model kits of various characters. But in recent times, they've started producing some really impressive 1/9 scale PVC statues which are pre-painted. They come in beautiful packing and require very basic assembly. For example, with The awesome-looking Hulk statue pictured above, the torso slots into his trousers and so do his legs. The parts are solid PVC and are of very high quality.

Dragon Models Iron Man Statue

Dragon Models and the Avengers series

Particularly nice about Dragon is they have secured the rights to several major movie characters, including The Avengers based on their looks in Age Of Ultron. So you can buy The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor all in 1/9 scale. This makes for a stunning display when you put them all together. All are very faithful recreations of their movie counterparts.

 Dragon Models Rocket Raccoon

Dragon Models and Guardians of the Galaxy

Another great movie which Dragon offers licenced models from is Guardians of the Galaxy. They offer statues of Rocket Raccoon in either his orange or his red suit (the latter is limited edition) and also a statue of Rocket & Groot together. Again, the quality of these statues is excellent. Joins between pieces are cleverly hidden at the edge of clothing hems to ensure they don't spoil the look of the model.

Dragon Models Captain America Statue

Dragon Models Price and availability

Prices of Dragon's above mentioned statues range from £84.95 for Rocket up to £139.95 for The Hulk. This puts them a little more expensive than Kotobukiya statues who also produce some excellent PVC statues. Kotobukiya focus on 1/10 and 1/7 scale, so Dragon's 1/9 are slightly bigger than 1/10. Dragon also offer nicer display bases, some of which light up.

All of the above mentioned statues are currently in stock. And judged on their quality, we are excited to see more from Dragon in the future.

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