Sale Time At Movie Figures!

Movie Figures Sale

We're making room for 2016's hottest items and some of our 2015 stock must go!

This year's sale has items from a range of manufacturers including Hot Toys, Sideshow, DC Collectibles, Weta, United Cutlery, Hot Wheels and more.

Hot Toys Sale

Hot Toys Sale Items

Our Hot Toys sale items include Tony Stark with Arc reactor which is a cracking figure of the creator of all things Iron Man. Various Iron Man figures are present such as the Bones, Igor and Heartbreaker suits. From the Dark Knight you can bag a bargain on Jim Gordon, Alfred and John Blake. From other movies, you'll find Electro, Robocop, Ripley and more!

DC Collectibles Sale Items

DC Collectibles Sale Items

From DC Collectibles, we've got bargains on various Batman figures such as the top Jim Lee statue shown above, Silk Spectre, Catwoman, Green Arrow and more!

Sideshow Collectibles Sale

Sideshow Collectibles Sale

Bargains for Sideshow collectors include Man of Steel, Predator mask, Jack Sparrow, Red Skull, StormTrooper commander and more!

 Weta Sale

Weta Sale

From Weta, we have a bunch of the various rings for sale such as Galadriel, Aragorn and the One Rings. Legolas's Vembrace, Bilbo's acorn buttons and Smaug's treasure.

And much more!

See all sale items here.


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