Great Gifts for Star Wars Fans

If you're looking for a gift for a Star Wars fan, here are a bunch of great choices, many of which you won't find in your local toy shop. We hope you like them!

Hasbro Star Wars Luke Skywalker ROTJ Force FX Lightsaber

Hasbro Star Wars Luke Skywalker Force FX Lightsaber - £154.95

This is a great replica of the lightsaber Luke knocked up after he lost his old one when his dad lopped his hand off in Empire Strikes Back. Hasbro Force FX lightsabers feature metal hilts and LED light up blades with various sound effects sampled from the movies. Not only does this one look cool on display, but you can unleash your inner jedi and run around your garden at night looking awesome in your eyes, but perhaps a bit crackers to everyone else.

Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Episode V Han Solo Premium Format Figure

Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Episode V Han Solo Premium Format Figure 1/4 Statue - £539.95

Let's face it, Han is the man! Cool, funny, cheeky, handsome and a deadeye shot with either his trusty blaster or the canons on the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. This statue by Sideshow is a classic pose of the loveable rogue. Reason for owning this statue? Just ask Han: “I think you just can’t bear to let a gorgeous guy like me out of your sight.”

Kotobukiya Bounty Hunters

Kotobukiya Star Wars Bounty Hunters from £74.95

The Star Wars bounty hunters may not have had Han's gift of the gab, but their range of looks really caught the attention of many a Star Wars fan. Kotobukiya have created some stunning little statues of them in 1/10 scale. Each also comes with a piece of a Boba Fett statue so if you order the lot, you can make him too!

Hot Toys Star Wars Stormtrooper Deluxe Action Figure

Hot Toys Star Wars Stormtrooper Deluxe Version 1/6 Action Figure

'I just hit someone!' said no Stormtrooper ever. Whilst their aim sucks, at least they look cool shooting or standing to attention for hours on end. Hot Toys have created the finest 1/6 scale version ever made. Grab one and you can have your own mini Stormtrooper to marvel at for years to come. QMX Star Wars Keychains

QMX Star Wars Slave 1 and Star Destroyer Keychains

The ships were amazing in Star Wars. One of the most memorable scenes involved the Millennium Falcon getting battered by a Star Destroyer before managing to escape by floating away with the rubbish. Boba Fett was ready for that though and tracked them in his Slave 1 ship. QMX made very detailed metal keyrings of several Star Wars ships. Show your love for the Dark Side with either of these fine designs!

Attakus Star Wars Statues 

Attakus Star Wars Statues

The Star Wars movies have featured hundreds of amazing looking characters. Some said very little, but looked cool like Royal Guards and Tie Fighter Pilots. Others made us smile like Jawas and Ewoks. Attakus have been making a wide array of Star Wars characters in 1/10 scale for years. Hand painted and limited edition, they are a great pick for classy displays where you want something a bit special.

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