Hollywood Collectibles Group Aliens Power Loader Statue Review

Ah the Aliens Power Loader. What a machine idea that was! The full size version is of course a tad too big and expensive for most collectors to consider, but over the years, several manufacturers have made scaled versions of it. 

Prior to this statue that I'm gonna talk about today, the best version I saw was the Hot Toys 1/6 scale version which came with a Ripley action figure. That was made many years ago, and whilst the Power Loader itself was excellent, the head sculpt on Ripley wasn't very realistic. Since then, Hot Toys have shown some exciting prototypes of a new version but it's yet to come into planned production.

If you're interested in the Power Loader only, then HollyWood Collectibles Group made an interesting version. It's now sold out, but it's a huge beastie that is at the same size as the movie maquettes that were used during the production of Aliens.

We sold a few of these rather epic Power Loaders and one customer asked me to pre-inspect the model prior to shipping. I asked him would he mind if I reviewed it at the same time and he kindly agreed. I was most grateful, as I love the Power Loader design, but have no space to display one.

This video shows how to build the Power Loader as when filming I thought the instructions were missing. Turns out they were hiding in the box. D'oh! The video is also filmed faster than I'd like and in low lighting as I had limited time with the statue.

Check it out below!

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