Hollywood Collectibles Group Focuses on Aliens

Hollywood Collectibles Group Focuses On Aliens

The Aliens franchise is beloved by many a film buff and we're delighted that Hollywood Collectibles Group is producing various prop replicas from the movies, including the magnificent motion tracker shown above.

About the Alien and Aliens Movies

The first two Aliens movies are masterpieces in Sci-Fi movie making:

Alien was released in 1979, directed by Ridley Scott and still looks stunning today. It's dark, moody and creates loads of tension and excitement. It also put a female in the hero seat which was pretty rare in those times.

Aliens was launched some 7 years later in 1986. Directed and written by James Cameron, it kept the dark, moody world but massively upped the action and created some of the most memorable and liked Sci-Fi characters.

Liam at Movie Figures has watched both the above a ridiculous number of times. Even more than Star Wars, which is really saying something! He's seen all the further movies, but none compare in greatness or watchability to Alien and Aliens.

Hollywood Collectibles Group Aliens Power Loader

History of Aliens Prop Replicas

Prior to Hollywood Collectibles Group's focus on Aliens statues and prop replicas, the only official company to produce prop replicas was Master Replicas who are no longer in business. They made, and we have on display the Aliens Motion Tracker Prop Replica as well as loads of prop replicas including Lightsabers, weapons and helmets from Star Wars.

Master Replicas items go for a lot of money nowadays as they were all limited editions made quite some years ago. A motion tracker from them goes for way more than this new one coming from HCG and they look very similar indeed. Our point here, is if you want Aliens prop replicas, HCG have now made it much cheaper and easier to get your hands on a motion tracker or pulse rifle. 

Hollywood Collectibles Group Pulse Rifle

HCG's Aliens Product Range 

In the range and upcoming are:

  • Pulse Rifle (weathered or clean versions)
  • M240 Incinerator
  • M56 Smartgun
  • Full size Alien warrior
  • Full size facehugger
  • Alien Derelict ship
  • Power Loader Statue

Each is being made in a limited edition run, so don't leave it long if you want to secure one.

Hollywood Collectibles Group Alien Warrior Life Size Statue

Hollywood Collectibles Group Products

Hollywood Collectibles Group also make a range of statues and prop replicas from other franchises including Edward Scissorhands, Ghostbusters, Hellraiser, Resident Evil and more. 

See all Hollywood Collectibles Group products here.

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