Payment Plans On Pre-Orders Now Available

Payment Plans

When it comes to pre-ordering, we've always offered options to make additional payments towards an item. However, it was a manual process that required you to tell us what you wanted to pay and when. This was a pain for both you and us, so we're delighted have found a better solution! We've teamed up with which is a company that specialises in offering payment plans utilising the world-trusted Stripe payment processing system.

On all pre-orders, you'll now find 3 purchase options:

Payment In Full Now

As the name suggests, this option lets you pay for your pre-order item now and then it will automatically ship when it arrives with us. This option allows you to check out using Pay Pal or Shopify payments.

Pay Deposit

This option lets you pick a deposit that suits you. The minimum is 10% but you can scale that up to 99%. The remaining amount will be billed when your product is in stock and ready to ship. We'll notify you a week before earliest ship date, giving you time to adjust funds or notify us of any payment diffficulty. This option uses When you click on the pay deposit button, you'll be given an overview of the deal and further information of how to finish your order.

Payment Plan

This option lets you pay a deposit and then looks to settle the remaining balance over the months left between now and when the product is due to arrive. The maximum period is automatically defined by us. A minimum 10% deposit is required. Again, you can scale this up (max 80%). You can also opt to lower the number of monthly payments if you want to pay the balance off faster. This option uses When you click on the payment plan button, you'll be given an overview of the deal and further information of how to finish your order.

About is the system that handles pre-orders and deposits. You'll need to sign up for an account when you set up your first order. For subsequent ones, you'll just need to log in. uses the world-trusted Stripe payment processing system which means all your card data is secured by one of the largest payment processors in the world. Stripe is owned by Shopify which is the e-commerce platform we use for our store. This ensures everything is nicely integrated and works as it should. has a customer area which you can log in to and see which orders you have and how your payments are going.


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