Spider-Man or Spiderman?

Ah, this age-old question has confused many a superhero fan. Indeed, it was the most common no-hit search on our site, which is why we wrote this blog post. And the reason why you don't find much when searching the term 'Spiderman' is because Marvel settled on the name: 'Spider-Man'.

There's no need to just take our word for it. You can check it for yourself on Marvel's Spider-Man page. Interestingly, Marvel don't appear to have any character where 'man' is added to the first word directly. If you do a search for 'man' on the Marvel character page, you'll see the results show characters that are hyphenated like Spider-Man or two words like Iron Man.

There are some major superheroes out there where man is put straight after the first word, but as we're focusing on Marvel here, we won't list them.

Now that's cleared up, let's help you on your search quest for cool statues, action figures and more of your favourite webbed wonder. Here's the direct link to our Spider-Man action figures, statues and more page. 

To find other popular characters: go to our top left nav bar, select theme / character and that brings up a list of popular characters with their correct spelling.

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