Star Trek gets new action figures and Blu-ray artwork to celebrate franchise's 50th anniversary

Star Trek gets new action figures and Blu-ray artwork to celebrate franchise's 50th anniversary

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 Star Trek celebrated its 50th anniversary last year but the party is still continuing. For the die-hard fans, a Blu-ray edition of the Original Series and the Next Generation were released accompanied by new cover artwork. Although there were no new digital makeover releases such as video games or casino titles, the Blu-ray editions for both series - which were digitally remastered - were released in 2009, and only the Blu-ray discs' packaging changed to commemorate Star Trek's 50th anniversary.

Also in commemoration of Star Trek's 50th Anniversary, toy company Bif Bang Pow! announced the release of 7 new Star Trek action figures. The two-inch wooden-made figures are packaged in a transparent box with a minimalistic design.

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According to Bif Bang Pow!'s website, each figure is "individually numbered and features 360-degree artwork that is hand-painted and includes some decal elements." This is good news for toy collectors who sell vintage items. The "no. 1" figure for each Star Trek character will probably auction for a small fortune a few decades from now if the packaging and figure is kept in perfect condition.

Star Trek is one of the biggest franchises in the world with a huge cult following. The first Star Trek TV series first aired in 1966, and new spin offs of the original series are reportedly being released in 2017. Star Trek's massive popularity paved the way for the creation of not just hundreds of action figures but video and slot games as well. Its most recent digital release is the Star Trek: Red Alert, which is a pay-to-play game featured on the gaming site Pocket Fruity.

And it doesn’t end there, as new mobile games are reported to be on the way this year in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the franchise. Although there hasn’t been any new Star Trek movies announced for the coming years. With Star Trek: Beyond being released in 2016, it’s unlikely the franchise will be releasing a blockbuster movie anytime soon. For now, the focus will be very much on riding the coattails of the 50th anniversary.


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