Weta Collectible Range Updated

This week, we've been working on updating the latest range of statues and prop replicas available from Weta Workshop. 

Weta are of course, infamous for their work on The Lord of the Rings movies as well as The Hobbit. They've also worked on other titles like Warcraft.

Weta's Quality

Weta's craftsmanship is exceptional. Every statue they create has jaw-droppingly fine detail on it. Take a look at Boromir above, for example. Quite how they've managed to get the fine detail of his hair and cloth folds is hard to fathom. Their casting and painting skills are some of the best we've seen.

Naturally, quality comes at a price. Weta's pricing is in line with other premium collectible brands, so you're looking at prices of around £350 for a 1/6 scale statue. But that will get you a stunning piece and production rates are often quite limited making the items rarer and thus more valuable to collectors.

Weta Gollum Mini Epics Vinyl Figure

Mini Epics Vinyl Figures

Due for release next year, and up for pre-order now, Weta have been working on some very cute vinyl figures which each cost under £30. The series is called Mini Epics and the initial range focuses on characters from The Lord of the Rings. Gollum, Frodo, Gimli and more are currently being produced. We expect the range to be popular and extensive over time.

The first items from the Mini Epics range are due to arrive in Q1 to Q2 2018. You can see the range and pre-order them here.

Weta Warcraft Statues

Weta Product Range

Currently, all Weta items on our shop are special order. Some can be obtained as fast as a week and some are pre-orders due at points next year. If you'd like to see us offer more from Weta, please consider an order or pre-order.

See all Weta items here.

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