Quantum Mechanix

Quantum Mechanix Suicide Squad Lapel Pin Set 2

£10.95 £19.95
  • Quantum Mechanix Suicide Squad Lapel Pin Set 2 - Movie Figures - 1

Quantum Mechanix

Quantum Mechanix Suicide Squad Lapel Pin Set 2

£10.95 £19.95

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QMX presents their Suicide Squad Lapel Pen Set 2 featuring Killer Croc, Katana and El Diablo.

Supervillains unite! Or at least pretend to get along with your fellow elite strike-force team members as you take on dangerous covert missions.

Each of QMX's Suicide Squad Lapel Pins sets includes three richly enameled designs that are based on artwork straight from DC Comics' design vault.

QMX's second of three lapel pins sets features:

Killer Croc. Born with a rare genetic condition, sideshow wrestler Waylon Jones is an anthropomorphic crocodile who possesses great strength, speed and endurance, but low intelligence. Oh, and he has a penchant for eating human flesh.

Katana. Brilliant in swordplay and martial arts, Katana is the heroic samurai with a dark past. With her mystical blade known as the Soultaker, she seeks justice as a vigilante and now as a member of the Suicide Squad.

El Diablo. Also known as Chato Santana, El Diablo is a criminal with pyrokinetic abilities. He once burned down a building in order to collect a debt, killing innocent women and children in the blaze.

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Measurements (approximate for each pin)

  • 1.06 in wide x 1.5 in high
  • 2.79 cm wide x 3.81 cm high


  • Metal alloy, enamel.