Phicen TBLeague Action Figure Body Comparison Chart

Phicen TBLeague produce a wide range of seamless body action figures. With so many on offer, it's hard to figure out all the differences. So here's a handy post giving a full comparison chart on both the female and male figures currently available:

Phicen TBLeague 1/6 Scale Female Bodies

Phicen TBLeague's 1/6 scale action figure bodies come in a range of skin tones, bust sizes and with fixed or removable feet. Here's the overview of the models (click on the model name for more product info, if still available):

ModelSkin ToneBust SizeFoot TypeUnique Features
S01PaleMediumFixedHead included
S02TanMediumFixedHead included
S05TanLargeFixedHead included
S06SuntanLargeFixedHead included
S07PaleLargeFixedHead included
S08TanLargeFixedHead included
S09SuntanLargeFixedHead included
S16APaleMediumRemovableSlender & narrow shoulders
S17BSuntanMediumRemovableSlender & narrow shoulders
S18APaleMediumRemovableLike S01/S02
S19BSuntanMediumRemovableLike S01/S02
S20APaleLargeRemovableMuscular Legs as used on Huntress
S21BSuntanLargeRemovableMuscular Legs as used on Huntres
S22APaleMediumRemovableMost muscular + 1 cup size up on S01
S23BSuntanMediumRemovableMost muscular + 1 cup size up on S01
S24APaleMediumRemovableSlender & shorter 28cm
S25BSuntanMediumRemovableSlender & shorter 28cm
S26APaleMediumRemovableSlender & shorter 27cm
S27BSuntanMediumRemovableSlender & shorter 27cm
S28APaleMediumRemovableCurvaceous and realistic
S29BSuntanMediumRemovableCurvaceous and realistic
S32APaleMediumRemovableSlender with shorter upper body and long legs
S33BSuntanMediumRemovableSlender with shorter upper body and long legs
S34PaleMediumFixedhead included, narrow shoulders & waist with long legs
S34APaleMediumFixednarrow shoulders & waist with long legs
S35SuntanMediumFixedhead included, narrow shoulders & waist with long legs
S35ASuntanMediumFixednarrow shoulders & waist with long legs
S38PaleLargeRemovableHead included, curvaceous and realistic
S38APaleLargeRemovablecurvaceous and realistic
S39SuntanLargeRemovableHead included, curvaceous and realistic
S39ASuntanLargeRemovablecurvaceous and realistic

Phicen TBLeague 1/6 Scale Male Bodies

Phicen's seamless male bodies range in skin tone, build and height. To date, all models have removable feet. 

ModelSkin ToneBuildFoot TypeHeight
M30PaleVery MuscularRemovable27 cm
M31SuntanRegularRemovable31 cm
M32AsiaSlim muscularRemovable31 cm
M33SuntanMuscularRemovable30-31 cm
M34SuntanVery MuscularRemovable31 cm
M35SuntanSuper MuscularRemovable31 cm
M36ASuntanSlim muscularRemovable33.5 cm
M36BBlackSlim muscularRemovable33.5 cm

1/12 Scale Female Bodies

Phicen TBLeague recently started production of 1/12 scale female action figure bodies. Only 2 are out at present, with the difference being skin tone.

ModelSkin ToneBust SizeFoot TypeUnique Features
T03APaleMediumRemovableless muscular definition
T03BSuntanMediumRemovableless muscular definition

1/12 Scale Male Bodies

Phicen TBLeague recently started production of 1/12 scale male action figure bodies. Only 2 are out at present, with the difference being skin tone.

ModelSkin ToneBuildFoot TypeUnique Features
TM01ASuntanlean muscularRemovablelean and smoother lines
TM02ASuntanMediumRemovablemore prominent muscles


Phicen TBLeague Video Reviews

It's very hard to show the skin tone on video camera, however our video reviews can give you a good idea of differences in height, bust, size etc. We'll add more video reviews when we get time.

Where to buy Phicen TBLeague Figures From

If you're based in the UK, then you can by Phicen TBLeague figures from right here at Movie Figures :) 

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Is Phicen and TBLeague the same company?

Yes. Phicen encountered a trademark issue around the end of 2017, so they have been working on rebranding as TBLeague. As they traded for many years under the Phicen name, we list both brand names. You'll notice on newer models that the boxes the figures come in are now branded with the TBLeague logo, but if you're looking at buying some of the older models, the boxes still have Phicen printed on them.

What makes Phicen TB League Bodies Worth Buying?

There are several reasons which make Phicen TBLeague a great choice:

Stainless Steel Skeleton - These are very strong and help keep the figure upright. Also, very fine movement is possible. Check the movies to see this.

Soft to the touch skin - The skin on these is soft and feels similar to real skin. This also gives a more natural look than plastic.

Anatomically correct - The figure proportions and range of movement are similar to a real human.

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